Bella's Brimming Box Birthday Bash 

Before you came into our lives, we had peaceful mornings, a fresher smelling backyard and untattered furniture.

Although you have given us a few headaches, the joy you have given us is unparallel.           

Your adorable ways of loving us are unlike any other.

Thank you, Bella. We Love You!

Happy Birthday

Brimming Box Bash? "What are you talking about?"

Bella is our Australian Shepherd, our beautiful, sweet girl.  She is celebrating her first birthday this week. 

Every item sold at A Vintage Addiction leaves our premises in a box.  We use recycled and recyclable packing material. To ensure our precious vintage treasures do not break in transit, we use a lot of packing material.  Ecologically, our material usage often disappoints me. A box brimming with treasures uses less packing material. A full box is a better use of resources than a box holding a single item. 

You, like me, probably do not like to waste money.

  • It seems like I lose money every time I ship a parcel. 

  • Distance, box size, and weight determine shipping rates. 

  • A box weighing just over one pound cost the same as a two-pound box.  

  • There is no price reduction for an unfilled box.


Would you buy one gallon of gasoline if the price were the same for two?  No, you would top off your tank.

When you purchase from A Vintage Addiction, together we are "Saving Earth One Used Item at a Time." Why not maximize our efforts and save Earth with two, three or more items in a box with no additional cost to you, and minimal effort by me?

So, for Bella's Birthday, we are going to top off our shipping boxes.  Not with excess packing material, but with FREE products!  With each item sold, we will maximize the box weight with as many vintage treasures as we can until every cent of paid postage is used.

That means you will receive one or more additional vintage items with your purchase.  It could be 6 ounces of linen napkins to go with the 10 ounces of napkin rings you bought, bringing your parcel to the top of the First Class Mail threshold. Or, a few Christmas ornaments that look cute with your angel figurine, raising your box weight a few ounces, so we get full value from a pound of paid shipping. It could be a dozen old-fashioned aluminum cookie cutters packaged with your "Cookies for Santa " plate.   Favorite vintage Golden Books with a teddy bear... You get it.  What a charming idea!

We're still going to ensure everything is well-packaged for safe delivery, but we're stuffing the boxes.  

A Brimming Box Bash! For Bella's Birthday!


Tuesday, December 10  through Sunday, December 15

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