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July 6,  2019

Subscription Boxes.  Clothing. Cleaning supplies. Personal care items.  Dinner in a box.  You've heard of them. The media is obsessed with them. At the same time when 'going green' means reducing packaging, we're adding more paper and cardboard? And more fuel used for shipping?

Why? Because internet consumerism is here to stay.  Anything you need or want has a website, an app, and/or next day delivery.  Order a rental car using an app and the car will be brought to you. Fast food craving at midnight? No problem. The restaurants deliver, or they have an affiliate that delivers for them.  

I have heard my doorbell ring after midnight many times. Usually, it is friends of David's stopping by to hang out. They watch TV, play video games, raid my fridge. They are 20-ish GenZ guys. Good young men, students, employed, respectful.  

But, they order food and have it delivered to my house all times of day or night!?!?!? Ding dong. Taco Bell calling. This is in addition to the daily delivery of boxes David receives. 

Their consumer behavior puzzled me, so I asked them directly?  "Why do you guys have everything you buy delivered?"   Computer components, automotive parts, clothing, pet food, toys, and treats? Food for yourselves?" 


I know David was taught how to shop and how to cook.  A few of his friends admit they were too, 


So what's the deal?  




It is easy.  It is fast. They spend no time, no effort. They save on gas; they don't have to look around

a store, not find what they need and go to another.  They are incredibly quick at entering their shipping address and payment information, They know the techy stuff that stores that data and their used sites.  It is what they are comfortable with. 


Their life is a series of four clicks. "Starbucks App." "My usual order."  "Pay now."  "Pick up in 5 minutes."  

I can't find my phone and credit card in 5 minutes. Good thing I don't drink coffee.

So, many of their purchases fulfill their needs of the moment. Their generation can be defined as one that seeks immediate answers and immediate fulfillment.


Still curious, I asked them about recurring subscriptions boxes.  Yes, they are subscribers.  They receive regular shipments of trendy t-shirts and other clothing, They received car maintenance boxes to keep them on top of the tasks - oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, etc... at various intervals. They subscribe to receive hygiene items. And, food.

I pushed them for more answers to my "Why?"  They told me one reason that would have never occurred to me.  Now I understand exactly why recurring boxes are such a benefit for them. 

And to you, And me. 

Delegated Decision Making

They admit to decision overload. Decision making stress. Sensory overload.  Too much of everything.  A typical chain grocery store stocks between 80 and 100 types of toothpaste. The choices are overwhelming.  

Regular delivery of things they need relives them of

making the decisions surrounding obtaining them.

Subscription boxes relieve them of a particular responsibility.  It is one less thing they have to think about, then do. The subscription site knows its buyer's use patterns and preferences. Tell it you need fresh breath and tartar control and they'll get the right toothpaste into your box. The clothing sites know David wants only black, blue, and grey apparel that mix and match - that is what the clothing box contains. Delegating his wardrobe choices suits him perfectly. Dressing. One less thing to think about. 


My GenX and Millenial associates agree that convenience of time and 'one less thing to do' are two of the best benefits of subscription boxes.

So what about us Baby Boomers?  Are time-saving and 'brain saving' conveniences what we need? Are we ready to go full-on boxing?  Some of us say "Yes", with a silent "maybe".  Our life experiences have left us with some reservations.  


We are savvy consumers.  We've been around.   We've seen every episode of COPS and Judge Judy. We are concerned we are going to get ripped off.  Is this site/person legit? Is our personal data secure?  What if they take my money but don't deliver the goods?  

Then, we are concerned that the product may not be exactly right. We are used to trying things on, feeling the fabric and scrutinizing the fit.  We were the first to squeeze the Charmin.  Costco samples are not only a free lunch but a requirement before we shell out $10 for 25 lbs. of crackers. We are the holdout generation that must 'try before we buy'.  


For internet purchases, we wonder, "It is returnable?" "Is the return hassle-free?"  "What if my needs change during the subscription period? Can I stop this thing? "

We seek answers to all these questions and reassurance to our concerns before we click 'Buy Now'.

The good news is that the generations with I-phones more costly than a boomer's first car 'get it'.  They trust the system. They learned in the first grade how to enter their password to pay for their school lunch.  

Boxes are here to stay. And, they are going to take a more important role in our consumer spending.

Next week I'll address the Boomer's concerns and give all of us more reasons to go out and buy box knives.  Wrong. I meant reasons to order a dozen to be sent to us every month.  Why a dozen? They are cheaper that way and we are going to split the cost with five friends, a few who won't remember where they put theirs. 


At A Vintage Addiction, we have already addressed the need to try our products and services before committing to a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription.  Our sampler boxes give an accurate representation of what one can expect to receive in a subscription box. And, a sampler box makes a great gift. Check them out here:

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The Vintage Addiction Weekly

News and Information About All Things Vintage

Published Weekly by Terri Spring

for www.

July 6,  2019

It is a bit surprising that Bella did not create the newsletter while I was away last week.  I have given her her own login and password, she can use Grammarly for spell check and punctuation,  and she certainly has ideas worth expressing. 

Instead, she expressed her feelings of abandonment by ripping the stuffing out of two of her beds.

With the guy's work schedules, we knew that Bella would be home alone for about three hours on two days.  We had no idea Bella would experience such separation anxiety. 

We'll be looking into options for Bella before our overnight road trip in August. It would be a shame if Mike stays home and Bella drives.

Other news at AVA is that I did some serious shopping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains last week. Just north of Yosemite National Park in California are many small communities - beautiful towns with wonderful restaurants and antique stores.  

I purchased a wonderful assortment of treasures for Treasure Box Members and many great items to add to the Glitz and Glam Boudoir on Etsy and here at A Vintage Addiction.  The three glass vanity table trays, the 1950s dolls still in their original box, the ring dishes, and the ceramic wall pockets are my favorites.  Oh, and the pewter tri-fold frame, the silver-plated jewelry box, the 1940s Valentine candy box, the earrings, the 1970s earring holders, the Lenox porcelain swan, the fancy cats, the crystal clock, the angel figurines, the Cinderella and Pumpkin Coach, the round rose box.....

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